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Monday, July 7, 2008

Yarn Change!

Here's an update on the Vogue Cover sweater:

I knit the gauge swatch for this sweater and didn't like it. The stitches were too loose at the gauge required. This yarn (Reynold's Soft Linen) definitely looks better knit at a tighter gauge.

Back to the shop for another yarn.

I tried Berroco's Love It in a pale yellow.... and LOVED IT! It knits up beautifully; the stitch definition was wonderful; it felt good at the recommended gauge; so this is the yarn I used.

By the time I left for Washington DC to fly to Greece, I had both fronts and most of the back complete. All I needed to do was finish the lace pattern at the back shoulders, block it, sew it together, and wear it on the plane! Lots of time to accomplish this as I would be in DC for 4 days.

Unfortunately..... I ran out of yarn with 3 rows to go!!!!! I should have known to take an "extra" ball - just in case - but in the rush to pack and get on the road, I didn't put an extra one into my knitting bag. This was just less 48 hours before flight time... no time to have another sent via UPS (and I refused to pay the FedEx overnight charges for one ball of yarn) but plenty of time to have blocked and sewn it together before the flight. Grrr...

I went to Greece without the completed sweater. In fact, I was so upset that I couldn't even bring myself to finish knitting it until last week. Every time I looked at it I got mad all over again and put it back into the bag. I basted it together on July 3rd so I (and the five gals who are taking the class on July 5th) could try it on.

Class response next!

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