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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eastlake Sweater update

Berroco did call me back yesterday, as promised. And they've already posted the sweater corrections on the website.

First, the scarf is knit on the smaller size straight needles. (Once you've done your gauge swatch, you'll know which size that should be.)

Second - You do, indeed, change to the larger size needles when you are ready for the first (ws) decrease row. If you are in gauge, this should be immediately after the seventh leaf pattern row.

While the number of stitches to decrease on each side of the leaf pattern still bothers me (approx 15% on the larger front side, but approx 30% on the smaller), I'm just going to let that one go.

I did talk to Berroco again this morning, however. Decreasing while ribbing just doesn't work. The ribbing gets screwed up and there's no way to keep it in pattern. This ws decrease row on the larger needles needs to be purled on either side of the leaf pattern. By doing it this way, it will also agree with the back when you go to sew the side seams. (Just remember to follow the pattern directions for continuing the ribbing at the sides of the leaf pattern during this row. Don't forget to put in the additional markers.) Then it works!

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