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Monday, July 7, 2008

The 'Almost Finished' Sweater

When I tried the sweater on, I immediately disliked the additional sleeve length. I know I'll hem them before I wear it the first time, and I recommended that the gals NOT lengthen the sleeves. (Makes me wonder if the Vogue cover shot of the model had the sweater pulled to the back and clipped to make it fit better on her.... a standard technique in photography.)

The length - with the addition of one zigzag and one lace pattern repeat - was, however, perfect! Four of the five ladies in the class have opted to lengthen this sweater. The fifth is long-waisted and wanted a cropped look anyway, so the pattern length will be great for her.

All I have left to do is block the pieces (after I take out the basted seams), and then sew it together correctly. At that point I'll again try it on and will probably fold up the additional sleeve length and sew it as a hem.

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