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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sometimes you restart...

Yesterday I had to restart a sweater. The gauge swatch matched, but when all the stitches were on the needles it started to stretch width-wise and became much wider than it should have been. Fortunately I'd only knit about 4 inches (2 skeins!) of it before ripping it all out.

I've reknit one skein of the yarn, I can already tell it's much better. It doesn't stretch nearly as much and should be okay now. I went down two needle sizes, but it still is on gauge. Go figure. It obviously was supposed to be blocked open (and I let the yarn relax) when I measured the original gauge swatch. While I wouldn't call this a lace pattern, the open yarnovers made the difference. Grrr... I hate ripping.

I'll post a photo at the end of this weekend (which is Monday for me) so you can see the progress.

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